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Amy and Sanjay Batra, Power Duo Launch THRIVV LLC – A Beauty and Wellness Company

USA – The beauty and wellness industry is experiencing a massive shift. Due to extensive research and increasing awareness, people now look forward to investing in all-natural products that cater to their specific needs rather than to inferior, commodity products with undesirable ingredients. Dr. Sanjay Batra and Amy Batra, experts in aesthetics and regenerative medicine, are pleased to launch THRIVV LLC, a new beauty and wellness company that addresses the unmet needs in the health,

THRIVV combines the best science and technology to bring forward the most incredible topical patches.  WETHRIVV DEFEND™ helps to naturally boost the immune systems to help people feel their best! The ingredients in DEFEND are 100% natural and recommended by leading physicians.  Vitamin D3, Zinc, Acetate, Vitamin, Quercetin, Ginseng and Thyme are the primary ingredients and are known for their immune supporting properties. Hence, there is no need to worry about any side effects! Additionally, the 24-hour immune boosting patch makes it easy and convenient for people to place it on their skin and carry on with their day without the hassle of swallowing pills.  In addition to DEFEND, the hemp-based topical patches include WETHRIVV ZONE™, an all-natural morning, mid-day, or long-day substitute to boost energy without any crash; WETHRIVV COMFORT™ which provides natural relief from minor aches and pain; and NITE™, which promotes restful sleep after a long tiring day and helps to ensure that its customers wake up fresh and rejuvenated.  

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