Revivv Hair Rejuvenation Serum Named In Beautytap Top 20 Editors Picks For 2023

Revivv Hair Rejuvenation Serum Named In Beautytap Top 20 Editors Picks For 2023

Revivv’s Hair Rejuvenation Serum Named In Beautytap Top 20 Editors Picks For 2023

Scalp Treatment – Revivv Hair Rejuvenation Serum (for him and her) + Stimulating Scalp Massager

Revivv Topical Hair Rejuvenation Serum is a champion for hair growth sans harmful side effects. Formulated with plant extracts and science-backed technology, this natural, drug-free solution nurtures a thicker, fuller mane. “We help people on a lifelong journey to the best hair they could ever have,” says Dr. Sanjay Bantra. And we are thankful. A light and non-oily formula targets the root causes of hair loss and rejuvenates thinning strands. Give follicles attention—the ultra-exhilarating Stimulating Scalp Massager can be used on wet or dry hair for extra self-care. Pro tip: Bethenny Frankel is a fan and keeps Revivv’s scalp massager in her shower for a luscious lather.

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Beautytap top 10 beauty products with over 100 reviews

Revivv Scalp Massager Named In Beautytap Top 10 Beauty Products With Over 100 Reviews

Revivv’s scalp massager was featured in Beautytap’s “Top 10 Beauty Products With Over 100 Reviews” on February 12th, 2024

#7 REVIVV® Scalp Massager – 4.8 / 115 Reviews

Beauty tools abound, but the only scalp tool to crack the Beautytap Top 10 was clean beauty brand REVIVV®. The Scalp Massager proves a relaxing massage while simultaneously unblocking clogged hair follicles by removing dead skin cells. In addition to increasing circulation to the scalp, it just feels delightful.


The 10 Best Scalp Massagers Worth Adding to Your Wash Day Routine

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or hair growth, your follicles deserve a little R&R

Ask just about any hair expert, and they’ll likely agree that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. The scalp, after all, is an extension of the skin on our face, and needs just as much TLC to flourish—which is where the best scalp massagers come in. These tools deliver many of the same benefits as a good gua sha to the face, and on top of feeling deeply relaxing, can also help with hair thinning and overall loss. Plus, most scalp massagers can be used on any hair texture, making them a must-have.

How to Get a Balanced Scalp for Optimal Hair Growth

How to Get a Balanced Scalp for Optimal Hair Growth
A healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair, which means that if your scalp is irritated, extra dry, flaky, or too oily, then it can impact growth. “A great way to care for your scalp is to develop a consistent haircare routine that priorities cleansing your scalp properly,” says certified trichologist Gabrielle Henderson. She and other top hair pros share their best tips and product picks for managing common skin concerns and promoting a healthy head of hair:

A Guide to Scalp Treatments

Dry scalp

“Look for gentle shampoos made without sulfates, surfactants, and synthetic fragrances. These ingredients can strip the scalp’s natural oils, causing additional dryness and irritation,” says Helen Reavey, certified trichologist and founder of Act+Acre. Look for products that contain hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. “Similar to its role in skincare products, hyaluronic acid helps the scalp retain moisture,” she says.

Enjoy A Spa Day

Enjoy A Spa Day
You can fork over a pretty penny at the spa of your choice—after all, you deserve it–-or you can buy the essentials to make every day an opportunity to pamper yourself.

Best Scalp Treatments For Every Condition, Recommended by Dermatologists

These Are The Best Scalp Treatments For Every Condition, Recommended by Dermatologists

Studies have shown that a healthy scalp results in a healthy head of hair. A struggling scalp, on the other hand—whether it’s oily, irritated, dry, or severely flaky—can impede the health of the rest of your hair.

There are many types of scalp conditions, and their causes fall under many different umbrellas, including heredity, autoimmune disorders, skin barrier dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, infections, hygiene, and even changes in season, according to Geeta Yadav, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of FACET Dermatology. Many of the symptoms of different scalp conditions look similar, which is why it’s important to get a proper diagnosis from a dermatologist.

With so many different types of scalp conditions, there are a variety of products to use to treat each issue. Below, we’ve asked the experts for their best recommendations to treat a wide range of scalp issues.

6 of The Biggest Misconceptions Associated With Hair Growth Products

6 of The Biggest Misconceptions Associated With Hair Growth Products
6 of The Biggest Misconceptions Associated With Hair Growth Products


Whether it’s due to age, genetics, stress, or illness, hair loss isn’t easy to accept. We’re all looking for the hottest product or buzziest ingredient to help keep our strands long, luscious, and full of life. But if you’ve hit a dead end and nothing seems to work, it’s time to read our list of hair growth products misconceptions. We spoke to two experts who break down what you should avoid (or not rely on) when it comes to products and supplements—and what you should do instead.

“There are several active ingredients that have been shown to promote hair growth naturally, with minimal to no side effects,” says Vegamour ambassador, Neera Nathan, MD, MSHS. “In a clinical study, topical caffeine was shown to stimulate hair growth as well as 5% minoxidil. Products with extract of oryza-sativa, a specific type of rice, also can plump hair strands, absorb oil, and may stimulate hair growth. There is also some evidence that rosemary oil can stimulate hair growth, too.”

Snail Mucin Is Controversial Among Skin Experts, But Not For The Reason You Think

Snail Mucin Is Controversial Among Skin Experts, But Not For The Reason You Think

If your FYP is anything like mine, it’s full of people recommending products they bought on TikTok Shop. Whether it’s a pebble ice maker, the Sol de Janeiro fragrance mists, or that unavoidable shadow work journal, it seems like every day there is a new reason to spend a little bit of money while swiping through. But the one thing I’m seeing all over my TikTok shop recommendations are products with snail mucin, aka the slippery viscose liquid that snails ooze to keep them hydrated. The hashtag #snailmucin has over 750 million views on TikTok. People who use it are hailing it as a hero ingredient, claiming it’s “better than retinol”, a saviour for those on Roaccutane, and “worth every penny” due to the ingredient’s ability to boost hydration, smooth texture, and promote collagen production.

But ​​much like every other ingredient out there, snail mucin isn’t without its naysayers. Users report hives, breakouts, and fungal acne, as well as a possible correlation between dust mite allergies, shellfish allergies, and an adverse reaction to the mucin itself. My own allergies were triggered by using snail mucin with small bumps forming on my face seemingly out of nowhere. I found myself wondering exactly why that was happening, so I reached out to beauty experts to see if we really should be taking the concept of ‘slugging’ literally.

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