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A New Group Of Post-Injection Care Brands Is Looking To Improve The Experience Of Getting Botox And Fillers

Two years after Kylie Jenner got lip fillers in 2015, Nancy Trinh decided she’d replicate the beauty mogul and reality television star’s fuller lip look. She chose a fancy Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office she spotted on Yelp for the injections.


“I didn’t think to do any research or understand the risks involved,” she recalls. “After the procedure was finished, I was sent home with a leaky ice pack without aftercare instructions. On the drive home, I’m driving with one hand and the ice bag falls down next to my gas pedal. Obviously, I’m not putting that back onto my lips. The next day my bruises and swelling were insane and scared me.”


Frantic, Trinh searched online for remedies. Ice, arnica gel and bromelain supplements kept coming up. She was disappointed by them all. Arnica gel she purchased at a drugstore was full of alcohol that stung her skin. Supplements wouldn’t deliver immediate support. Ice wasn’t sufficient, and it was pretty slippery.


“I thought to myself, ‘If I need something better, other people do, too,’” says Trinh, an art director and graphic designer by trade. She set out to create something better and, in March, launched the brand with TAKE

(after)CARE, a $68 serum containing arnica, bromelain, hypochlorous acid and aloe intended to be applied 24 hours post-treatment.