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A new drug free product has launched for men and women who are seeking solutions for hair loss.

Revivv Hair Serum For Men And Women

It was a little over a year ago when I received an email from Sanjay Batra PhD. This was the type of email I particularly enjoy receiving – an industry professional introducing themselves and sharing about projects which may be relevant to the Follicle Thought news feed. Initially, however, our discussion was not centered on any hair growth products. Dr. Batra was interested in sharing his work on a hair diagnostic tool developed by the Capily Institute which helps physicians track the regrowth progress of hair loss patients. Our conversation continued over the next several months and eventually I got word of a topical OTC hair growth product which was in development. This certainly caught my interest and at the time I did not have any particular expectations for the product. Fast forward to late 2021 – I had seen a few glimpses of data from Revivv and received an email invite to participate in an early product launch. After purchasing a few bottles of Revivv with my own money, I began incorporating it into my treatment regimen which includes the standard hair loss medications.

After about two months of applying Revivv daily as part of my regimen, I was certain that the improvement of my crown area was progressing faster and more robustly than during the months before incorporating Revivv when I was using medications alone. This led to the discussion of sharing Revivv with the audience of Follicle Thought. I let Dr. Batra know that a certain amount of supporting data from people using Revivv alone would be necessary to present a new product to my specialized audience. In short, he and Revivv were able to deliver.