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Featured on LIp Gloss & Aftershave this falls top top 10 devices

Hydrogel Infusion Mask from Maskād

Fall is the time of year when we do more invasive treatments. If you’re an esthetician who equates Fall with peels, needling and lasers – then you need to know Maskād!

If you’re looking for something to cool and calm skin after clinical or medical aesthetic treatments – this hydrogel infusion mask is the ticket! Directly after your microneedling, laser treatments, or chemical peels you can apply peptide- rich, exosomes or growth factor serums and then seal them in with this amazing post treatment tool!

MaskādR Hydrogel Infusion Face Mask infuses topical serums into your skin helping to achieve your skin care goals. Our sleek face mask is designed to be used at home to create your own spa
experience. Pair it with MaskādR Hydrating Serum, MaskādR Anti-aging Serum AKA The Peptide Bomb, or your serum of choice for enhanced results. Use 1-2 times per week for optimal benefits!