Queer 40 Feature: Mom’s little helpers: Great gift ideas for mothers day

Queer 40: Moms of all ages and identities will get a little boost out of these great gift ideas.

Forget the flowers and chocolates this Mother’s Day. If you are a mom or have one, you’ll probably admit that a most usefl gift would be a ‘little helper.’ For moms on the go, we have sourced a few products that can keep her calm, nourished, and able to carry on, whether at home, in a hotel, at the office, school, or the gym.

BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

Nourishment and convenience are at your fingertips with the push of a button no matter where your day takes you as a busy mom. The BlendJet 2 Portable Blender may just make your other bullets and blenders obsolete! BlendJet 2 makes perfectly blended smoothies, shakes, margaritas, baby food and more on the go. It was even recently launched into space. What’s new about this product? BlendJet’s patented TurboJet technology leverages offset stainless steel blades to create a tornado effect that blasts ingredients into the back of the jar 275 times per second, resulting in dramatically faster and better blending. BlendJet 2 makes smoothie bar quality beverages, silky smooth protein shakes, frozen lattes, slushies, baby food, dips, dressings, sauces and so much more. Whip up baby food and formula with push of a button in record time! Blend smooth, delicious protein shakes to help refuel or recharge after a workout. Bring a smoothy or milkshake to school pickup to quell your kid’s snack cravings, and make your own frappuccino for busy work days and save a few bucks. And when you knock off for the day, whizz up a margarita or frosé! This is an accessory you will get a lot of mileage out of this Spring/Summer.

THCV: The Cannabis Strain That Helps You Get Sh!t Done!

Spring cleaning is all about getting those long overdue things done and settings things up for a spectacular Summer. If you need a little help, try Natural Natural’s proprietary THCV strain, “Get Sh!t Done,” which will help you do just that. THCV is a rare cannabinoid that has been clinically proven to boost energy and increase motivation without triggering the munchies. According to the IRB-backed study conducted by People’s Science, participants who used the “Get Sh!t Done” strain said that they felt 20% more energized, meaning they felt more active, motivated and reported better exercise performance. Participants felt 40% more joy which was defined by enjoying their daily activities more and were in an overall better mood. Natural Natural’s proprietary and THCV strain is easily enjoyed in the form of Kanha LOVE gummies in delicious raspberry rose flavor. These are definitely potent and more-ish so be sure to keep them away from the kids or the poets. One gummy or maybe two will put you in the mood for love and other accomplishments.

Sensodyne Clinical White toothpaste

Trusted toothpaste brand Sensodyne has come out with its most advanced whitening technology yet. Clinical White is scientifically proven to whiten teeth by two shades and provide 24/7 sensitivity protection (with 2x daily brushing) in an enamel safe formula. The triple-action formula whitens, polishes, and protects against future stains, all while being gentle on sensitive teeth, which can be a real issue as we age. Clinical White offers effective whitening without peroxide, and the product comes in fully recyclable materials, so you can feel good about what’s in your bathroom vanity. Clinical White is available in two flavors, Stain Protector (Mint) and Enamel Strengthening (Extra Fresh) for a recommended retail price of $8.99. Now that’s a very inexpensive way to greet Spring with a radiant smile.

Revivv by WeThrivv

Whatever gender you are, you may have noticed that one of the side effects of aging is a loss or thinning of hair. Hair loss is also a product of stress, harsh chemicals, and toxins in the body through drinking or drug use. Revivv is a drug-free topical serum designed by physicians and scientists for thicker, fuller, and healthier-looking hair. It is recommended by dermatologists, stylists, and industry experts. We tried the Revive For Her and applied it around thinning hair above the temples. (Men and trans men note: there is also a product for you!) The first thing we noticed was the convenient roller application for effective delivery onto the scalp (no waste, no mess and no need to get the serum on your fingers as the roller does the massage for you.

The serum has a slight tingling/cooling effect but disappears into the scalp and works for day or night use. This is a dermatologist-recommended, patent-pending topical formula that promotes thicker, healthier, and fuller looking hair. It includes a 3-month supply of the serum and has been optimized with ingredients specifically for women. The serum can be used as a standalone product or in combination with other products. Recently, actor and environmentalist Matthew Modine joined WeThrivv as a brand ambassador for WeThrivv brands, including Revivv and Maskād, natural and vegan hair and skin products created using data-driven science. “WeThrivv is committed to creating products that are non-toxic, derived from nature and that are proven to work. That’s why I am so pleased to join them and help them deliver their core message,” said Modine.

DefenAge Mother’s Day bundles

DefenAge’s Spring skin collections shout ‘self-care’ with the brand’s groundbreaking, patented Defensin-molecule technology. Launching April 18, DefenAge Mother’s Day bundles will include:

  • DefenAge Splendor All-in-One Collection – This collection brings together all of DefenAge’s award-winning products, including the new double-award-winning Nail Rejuvenation Serum. Each item, from a soothing facial cleanser to DefenAge’s iconic best-selling anti-aging serum and luxurious moisturizers, is crafted to empower mom to feel and look her absolute best. Products are available in their largest sizes for an extensive and effective skincare journey. The Mother’s Day sale offers 36% SAVINGS over buying individually! 
  • DefenAge Forever Favorites – Includes DefenAge’s core Clinical Power Trio regimen with luxury cleanser and 3D Eye Radiance Cream. This product set is clinically proven to correct visible signs of skin exhaustion and aging on a global scale in just six weeks, brightening and improving visible skin firmness, evenness, elasticity and hydration. 25% SAVINGS over buying individually! 
  • DefenAge Mulberry Silk Pillowcase – When you’re a mom, you know any sleep is precious. For this special holiday, DefenAge is offering its luxury silk pillowcase for just $37 (from $99!) with a purchase of either Splendor Collection or Forever Favorites Set. Spun from 100% natural Mulberry silk (the highest quality on the market), the DefenAge Silk Pillowcase is the beauty aid you might not have thought about. Silk is superior for beauty sleep, fostering smoother hair and a longer-lasting blowout, plus it is gentler on skin, eliminating pillow creases and preventing fine lines from forming. Silk is also less likely than other fabrics to absorb moisture from the skin and hair, making it ideal for anyone who struggles with dryness.

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