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The Power of Medical Backing: REVIVV® and Maskād® Skincare and Haircare Revolution


In the world of skincare and haircare, having a reliable and trustworthy medical backing can make all the difference. It not only provides credibility but also ensures that the products are formulated with the highest standards of safety and efficacy. REVIVV® and Maskād®, two innovative brands in the beauty industry supported by a dedicated team of medical professionals have garnered attention for their unique approach to skincare and haircare. In this blog post, we will explore how the medical staff backing REVIVV® and Maskād® contributes to their success and why it matters.

The Importance of Medical Backing

When it comes to choosing skincare and haircare products consumers are becoming increasingly discerning. They seek products that are not only effective but also backed by scientific research and medical expertise. This is where REVIVV® and Maskād® shine. By collaborating with knowledgeable medical professionals, these brands have positioned themselves as leaders in the industry, offering products that are based on sound scientific principles and proven results.

Unparalleled Expertise

REVIVV® and Maskād® medical staff consist of highly qualified experts; including dermatologists, trichologists, and other specialists in the field of aesthetics. Their extensive knowledge and experience allow them to develop products that address specific concerns and provide solutions tailored to individual needs. From formulating potent anti-aging serums to developing nourishing hair rejuvination, these professionals play a crucial role in ensuring that REVIVV® and Maskād® offerings deliver the desired results.

Evidence-Based Formulations

One of the key advantages of having medical professionals backing a skincare and haircare brand is the emphasis on evidence-based formulations. With access to the latest research and advancements in the field, REVIVV® and Maskād® medical staff can incorporate cutting-edge ingredients and technologies into their products. This ensures that customers can trust the efficacy and safety of what they apply to their skin and hair.

Customer Confidence

Medical backing instills customer confidence and peace of mind. When people see that reputable medical professionals endorse and support a brand, they are more likely to believe in its effectiveness and quality. The endorsement from medical experts lends credibility and reassurance, making REVIVV® and Maskād® stand out in a competitive market.


In the realm of skincare and haircare, having a medical staff backing a brand can be a game-changer.REVIVV® and Maskād® have recognized this and leveraged the expertise of medical professionals to create innovative and effective products. With their evidence-based formulations and a commitment to customer satisfaction, these brands have earned the trust and loyalty of consumers seeking reliable solutions for their skincare and haircare needs. Going forward, we can expect REVIVV® and Maskād® to continue pushing boundaries in the beauty industry, backed by the unwavering support of their esteemed medical staff.

Meet Our Exceptional Medical Staff

At REVIVV® and Maskād® we take pride in having a dedicated team of highly skilled medical professionals who are committed to providing top-notch care to our patients. Our exceptional staff includes renowned specialists from various fields, each bringing their expertise and passion to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Allow us to introduce you to some of our esteemed team members:

Neil S. Sadick, MD, FACP, FAAD, FAACS, FACPh – Dermatologist

Dr. Neil S. Sadick is a true leader in the field of dermatology. With a wealth of experience and multiple accolades to his name, Dr. Sadick specializes in advanced dermatological procedures and treatments. His expertise covers a wide range of dermatological concerns, from cosmetic procedures to medical dermatology. Patients can trust in Dr. Sadick’s exceptional skills and knowledge to address their dermatological needs effectively.

Jeffrey Rapaport, MD, FAAD – Dermatologist

Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport is a highly respected dermatologist known for his extensive knowledge and innovative approach to skin care. With a passion for cutting-edge technologies, Dr. Rapaport offers advanced dermatological treatments to address various skin conditions. Patients benefit from his compassionate care and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Gordon Sasaki, MD – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Gordon Sasaki is an eminent plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a remarkable reputation for his expertise and artistic approach to aesthetics. Driven by a desire to transform lives and enhance natural beauty, he offers a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Patients can trust in Dr. Sasaki’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to achieving harmonious, natural-looking results.

Nicholas J. Sadgrove, PhD – Natural Product

Dr. Nicholas J. Sadgrove is a distinguished figure in the field of natural products, specializing in research and development. With a deep understanding of the potential benefits of natural compounds, Dr. Sadgrove explores innovative solutions to improve patient care. His expertise contributes to our practice’s commitment to utilizing the best of nature in our approach to healthcare.

Steve R. Fallek, MD – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Steve R. Fallek is a highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon renowned for his expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Driven by a passion for helping patients achieve their desired aesthetic goals, he offers personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs. Patients can expect exceptional results and compassionate care under Dr. Fallek’s guidance.

Eric J. Margolis, MD – Urologist

Dr. Eric J. Margolis is a respected urologist known for his comprehensive approach to treating urological conditions. With a focus on patient education and personalized care, Dr. Margolis ensures that his patients receive the highest quality treatment options available. His expertise and commitment to patient well-being make him a trusted partner in urological health.

Nate Lebowitz, MD, FACC – Cardiologist

Dr. Nate Lebowitz is a highly accomplished cardiologist dedicated to providing exceptional cardiac care to his patients. With vast experience in diagnosing and treating various cardiovascular conditions, Dr. Lebowitz utilizes the latest advancements in cardiology to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Patients can rely on Dr. Lebowitz’s expertise to safeguard their heart health.

Suleima Arruda, MD – Dermatologist

Dr. Suleima Arruda is a skilled dermatologist committed to addressing her patients’ skin concerns with compassion and precision. With a keen eye for detail and a wealth of knowledge in medical dermatology, Dr. Arruda offers comprehensive skin assessments and personalized treatment plans. Her expertise and patient-centered approach ensure optimal outcomes for her patients.

Yaz Shah, RPh – Clinical Pharmacist

Yaz Shah is a dedicated clinical pharmacist who plays a vital role in our practice. With extensive knowledge of medications and their interactions, Yaz collaborates closely with our medical team to ensure safe and effective treatment plans for our patients. Her expertise in pharmaceutical care ensures that each patient receives the best possible medication management.

Jeff R. Pavell, DO – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Jeff R. Pavell specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, helping patients regain function and improve their quality of life. With a compassionate approach and a comprehensive range of rehabilitative techniques, Dr. Pavell tailors treatment plans to address each patient’s unique needs. His expertise in improving mobility and reducing pain empowers patients on their journey to recovery.

At REVIVV® and Maskād®, we are privileged to have such an incredible team of medical professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional care. Each member brings their unique expertise, compassion, and commitment to ensuring the well-being of our patients. Rest assured, when you choose our practice, you are in the hands of greatness.


Introducing the doctors and scientists who make up our medical advisory board. They come from dermatology, plastics, cardiology, and more to help bring you the best and safest products for thinning hair.

#revivv #hairlossremedy #hairlossolutions


Introducing the doctors and scientists who make up our medical advisory board. They come from dermatology, plastics, cardiology, and more to help bring you the best and safest products for thinning hair.

#revivv #hairlossremedy #hairlossolutions