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WETHRIVV™ – A Beauty and Wellness Brand Launches REVIVV™ Hair Growth Serum

DOYLESTOWN, Pa.Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers are now seeking natural solutions for hair-loss issues since 50% of aging men and 30% of women suffer from hair loss. Today, consumers are more aware and interested in using all-natural products that have been tested and proven positive. ‘Proven positive’ is exactly what has been happening at WETHRIVV over the last few years. The founders of WETHRIVV have worked diligently to develop REVIVV.

Sanjay Batra, PhD, FACC and Amy Batra, experts in aesthetics and regenerative medicine, are pleased to launch REVIVV™ – a natural, drug-free solution to hair loss for men and women. Dr. Sanjay Batra said on the product, “After spending over 2 years developing, optimizing, and testing this formula with leading dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport, we are delighted to offer REVIVV to consumers worldwide. Every aspect of the product has been designed to bring maximum results while providing ease of application. In our formula we’ve included a broad spectrum of the best natural ingredients, proven for hair growth, using effective concentrations to create a formula that is specific for both men and women.”

In commenting on the product, Dr. Nicholas J. Sadgrove, expert natural product chemist and pharmacist said, “to get real results on the scalp you must use an array of ingredients that cover the big 8 bottle-necks to complete hair health. I have examined the ingredients and I am certain that REVIVV ingredients cover the playing field nicely.” Dr. Sadgrove wrote a white paper to explain how each ingredient works (available upon request), considering the breakthroughs in hair science of the past 5 years.