Featured On Mind Body Green Can A Serum Ever Be A “Face Lift In A Bottle”? Skin Rejuvenation Experts Explain

Face Lift In A Bottle

Featured On Mind Body Green Can A Serum Ever Be A “Face Lift In A Bottle”? Skin Rejuvenation Experts Explain

It’s a face lift in a bottle! A filler alternative! Nature’s Botox! You’ve likely heard the eager testimonials or even seen the slogans slapped on product labels themselves.

In the beauty industry, these promising claims are often met with an eye roll—they’re hyperbolic at best, potentially problematic at worst. Even the most sophisticated topicals can rarely replicate the effects of a cosmetic procedure, so if one promises to manually lift the skin? Meh, likely folklore.

But the industry is constantly evolving, and right now marks an exciting time in the firming topical space. Recently, a slew of innovations has caught our attention: patented peptides, epidermal growth factor technologies, topical exosome therapies, and so on. And it turns out, their firming capabilities are not so far-fetched.

Featured on Instyle – The 17 Best Scalp Treatments to Stay Balanced, Nourished, and Itch-Free

Scalp Treatment

Featured on Instyle – The 17 Best Scalp Treatments to Stay Balanced, Nourished, and Itch-Free

Scalp health is key to beautiful, thicker, and healthier hair.

You likely have a pretty curated hair care routine, with shampoos and conditioners selected to suit your type, texture, and color, an assortment of stylers, and a bevy of hot tools at your disposal. But do you have a scalp care regimen?

Despite the important role that the scalp plays, it often goes neglected, which can disrupt the delicate balance of the skin in this area. When your scalp’s microbiome isn’t functioning properly, hair won’t grow to its full potential, and can result in irritation, flakes, and plain discomfort.

Thankfully, beauty brands have taken note. Until recently, scalp care was almost exclusively focused on dandruff treatments, but there’s been a shift. Now, formulas are designed to maintain, soothe, nourish, clarify, and stimulate the scalp. There’s truly something for everyone — all you have to do is find your perfect match. Here, we’ve curated a selection of the best scalp treatments for every concern, plus tapped experts to break down exactly how to give this special skin precisely what it needs.

Revivv is Featured On Lipgloss & Aftershave The 2023 L+A Guys  Grooming Guide

Revivv is Featured On Lipgloss & Aftershave The 2023 L+A Guys  Grooming Guide.

REVIVV for men, DMK International, M.A.D Skincare along with 7 other national brands make up the 2023 L+A Guys Grooming Guide! This is a comprehensive approach to taking care of the guys that come to your skincare/spa business. We’ll focus on the whole guy, not just his face, literally a head-to-toe focus! 

Take Care Of The Hair

“Global Hair Care Market is projected to be worth USD 122.15 Billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 5.79%” Bonafide Research

These statistics along with all of the posts we’ve seen on social media tell us that hair is big business, and for men, hair rejuvenation is a huge business!  We’re thrilled to be working with REVIVV, a product that can help men with hair rejuvenation. Adding an essential fatty acid supplement can help with hair, skin, and nail health! This will make sure the hair guys do have will stay healthy!  Finally, we found a men’s trio of products that includes body wash and shampoo!  

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Nuestro equipo editorial ha seleccionado de forma independiente cada producto que presentamos y reseñamos. Si compra utilizando los enlaces incluidos, es posible que ganemos una comisión.

El 15 de julio es el Día Nacional de la Belleza Limpia, una tendencia que se está imponiendo en la industria porque los clientes buscan fórmulas limpias, respetuosas con su piel y el medioambiente. Aprovecha la fecha para descubrir nuevas marcas como estas.

Dandruff vs Dry Scalp: Find Out Which One is Making You Itch — And How To Cure It

Dandruff vs Dry Scalp Feature

Dandruff vs Dry Scalp: Find Out Which One is Making You Itch — And How To Cure It

Notice unflattering chunks of white flakes sitting on your scalp or stuck between your strands? It’s bad enough when you see them, but it’s really embarrassing when those white flakes have fallen from your hair and landed on the shoulders of your black shirt. Not to mention the constant head scratching. Surprisingly, the scratching and the flakes are symptoms of two similar but very different scalp conditions: dandruff vs dry scalp. And while they appear almost identical, the reasons and the solutions are not the same.

Luckily, there’s no need to scratch your head (we couldn’t resist!) wondering which side you fall on in the game of dandruff vs scalp. Read on to discover the difference and the easy remedies for each.

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A New Group Of Post-Injection Care Brands Is Looking To Improve The Experience Of Getting Botox And Fillers

Two years after Kylie Jenner got lip fillers in 2015, Nancy Trinh decided she’d replicate the beauty mogul and reality television star’s fuller lip look. She chose a fancy Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office she spotted on Yelp for the injections.


“I didn’t think to do any research or understand the risks involved,” she recalls. “After the procedure was finished, I was sent home with a leaky ice pack without aftercare instructions. On the drive home, I’m driving with one hand and the ice bag falls down next to my gas pedal. Obviously, I’m not putting that back onto my lips. The next day my bruises and swelling were insane and scared me.”


Frantic, Trinh searched online for remedies. Ice, arnica gel and bromelain supplements kept coming up. She was disappointed by them all. Arnica gel she purchased at a drugstore was full of alcohol that stung her skin. Supplements wouldn’t deliver immediate support. Ice wasn’t sufficient, and it was pretty slippery.


“I thought to myself, ‘If I need something better, other people do, too,’” says Trinh, an art director and graphic designer by trade. She set out to create something better and, in March, launched the brand with TAKE

(after)CARE, a $68 serum containing arnica, bromelain, hypochlorous acid and aloe intended to be applied 24 hours post-treatment.

Featured On The Zoe Report

Flaky Hair
Flaky Hair

Featured On The Zoe Report

As the largest organ of the body, the skin plays an important role in overall health. It provides protection against external factors, like bacteria and pollution, and can even heal itself. In short, it needs to be handled with care. From properly washing your skin to ensuring it’s adequately hydrated and moisturized, you become in tune to what it needs over time. However, your skin isn’t the same from head to toe. So caring for your scalp requires a different routine than what you’d follow for your face. Yes, shampoos wash it, and, sure, scrubs help slough off dead skin and product buildup, but it can benefit from concentrated treatments, too. That’s where scalp serums come into play.

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The aesthetics space is largely defined by injectables, lasers, and topical treatments: Botox, filler, and IPL lasers are commonly thrown around in colloquial conversation. But the other side of aesthetics covers a completely reverse approach. “It’s not all about what we do to our patients from the outside-in. We are trying to harness the power of our own cell regeneration,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Julie Russak. “We are starting more and more heavily relying on stimulating our cells to regenerate.” For the past few years, that’s involved plasma-rich platelet injections that use a patient’s own blood to spur hair regeneration or collagen production (think: Vampire facial). More recently, the discussion has pivoted, hard and fast, to something called Exosome Therapy.

“Exosomes seem to be the new hot thing in the search for the fountain of youth,” states Dr. Sanjay Batra, a regenerative medicine specialist and founder of WeThrivv. Even though exosomes were discovered nearly four decades ago, it’s only recently that their existence has infiltrated the aesthetics conversation in the US. Unsurprisingly, Korea was an early adopter—exosome-based skin boosters have been common practice for years. Now? You’ll find dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the globe discussing exosomes’ potential to stimulate collagen and elastin, or upend the approach to hair growth. Skincare brands are inching in on the conversation, with brands like Dr. Barbara Sturm, Elevai, and ExoCel, a K-beauty brand, releasing over-the-counter products that leverage exosomes’ regenerative powers.

The space, which also has legs in more extreme biohacking (do-it-yourself biology) and regenerative medicine circles, is not regulated by the FDA. The consensus held by top doctors: Optimistic caution. “Exosomes is a very fast-growing field,” says Dr. Russak, who recently returned from a regenerative aesthetics conference in Europe where the topic was all the rage. “The biggest challenge that we are facing right now, like with anything that is new in development in medicine and science, is that it’s not regulated.”