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THRIVV™ LLC – A Beauty and Wellness Company Launches Maskād™ Professional & At Home Post Procedure Masks

Doylestown, PA, August 24, 2021 — THRIVV LLC expands its portfolio to introduce Maskād™: dermatologist-developed face masks designed to be used after procedures like micro-needling, laser, Radio Frequency (RF), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), chemical peels, microdermabrasion and facial injections.

Maskād™ Professional and At Home Post Procedure masks are designed to provide patients the best post treatment outcome by immediately cooling and calming the skin while reducing redness and downtime. Unlike messy, wet and moon-shaped sheet masks that just sit on the skin, Maskād™ is designed to conform to your face and help aid in the topical delivery of cosmeceutical ingredients.

Maskād™ Professional is used in-office immediately following aesthetic facial procedures. The patent-pending “dry” hydrogel formulation and Highly Purified Water (HPW) provide immediate cooling and relief to irritated and sensitive skin without the mess.  The contoured dace design allows patients to sit and move while Maskād™ works its magic – freeing up chair time.

The restorative Maskād™ At Home mask is the perfect companion to the Post Procedure mask and can be used daily following a procedure for continued comfort.  Containing HPW and natural ingredients, the two-piece design fits most face shapes and sizes for optimal outcomes.

According to Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki, MD, F.A.C.S. from The Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena, California, “We evaluated the benefits of Maskād™ for post treatment care following Micro-Needling RF and Fraxel®.  Questionnaires and photographs determined immediate benefits of decreased pain, erythema, swelling, and puritus with additional soothing and calming effects. The pliability and breathability allow PRP to be in longer contact with treated skin for maximum non-activated release of growth factors.  We plan to incorporate this technology with other aggressive procedures in my practice.”

Dr. Jeffrey A. Rapaport, MD, PA from Englewood Cliffs, NJ stated “I have been using Maskād™ Professional Post Mask following facial procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of reducing overall downtime, redness, inflammation, pain and swelling.  Our patients love Maskād™ and have shared that within 5 minutes, they feel much more comfortable – the heat and pain go away.  I also use them to deliver Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) following microneedling and other ablative treatments.  It cools and calms the skin while delivering topical ingredients.  I highly recommend Maskād™ as part of a post-treatment protocol.”

WETHRIVV™ also features hemp-based wellness patches like Zone, Comfort, and Nite and a plant-based immunity boosting patch, DEFEND™. The entire line features clinically proven all-natural ingredients designed to provide maximum benefits.

About the Company:

THRIVV LLC, under the WETHRIVV™ brand, is creating a portfolio of professional and consumer products that are poised to elevate customer experience and satisfaction in health and wellness.  With a research laboratory and manufacturing facility at the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center, our products are made with best-in-class science, and are sold directly to consumers and professionals on our website,