WETHRIVV® Launches Campaign to Empower Hair Loss Sufferers

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WETHRIVV® Launches Campaign to Empower Hair Loss Sufferers

DOYLESTOWN, Pa.Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hair loss can be a lonely and isolating process. At WETHRIVV®, we understand just how important hair can be to one’s image, confidence, and self-perception. Many men and women are led to believe that hair loss is inevitably part of their journey but that is not the case.

Hair loss is bigger than just thinning and balding. REVIVV’s drug-free serum can stop hair loss in its tracks with twice daily applications to thinning spots. Sufferers of hair loss will blame themselves, or their genes, detracting from self-worth. But this is not necessary because new scientific breakthroughs empower change. Scientists now recognize that losing touch with NATURE is linked with losing your hair, and that the solution is to ‘be natural again’. The power of natural, drug-free therapies is wholly recognized in the new paradigm.


As a holistic and alternative medical professional, I care about what goes on my body. It is important that the products I use are clean and drug free.

– Thuy, Holistic and Alternative Medical Professional, speaking on her use of REVIVV

The REVIVV team unveiled a new video addressing the problem of hair loss and its real effects on the human spirit. The video raises awareness on how hair loss can damage an individual’s identity, cultural importance, and how hair can affect confidence. The video was developed by Creative Klick Agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The videographer and editor said this regarding the video,

“As someone who has suffered from hair loss, I took this project personally. It was remarkable to me how hair loss is something that makes us feel separate from society, but in reality, it’s what unites us. My goal for this video was to close that gap and normalize the conversation around hair loss.”

– Jaquie Fischer, Creative Director 

Local Startups Receive $25,000 Investments and $5,000 Grants from Bucks Built Startup Fund

Local Startups Receive $25,000 Investments and $5,000 Grants from Bucks Built Startup Fund

Five high-potential, early-stage startups have been selected to receive a total of $125,000 in investment funded by the Bucks County Industrial Development Authority along with 12 months of advisory support from Startup Bucks. Also this round, seven additional applicants were awarded a total of $25,000 in grants sponsored by Penn Community Bank.

The five startups that received $25,000 investments from the Bucks County IDA span various industries and have founders or teams already based or operating in Bucks County:

  • AccuTennis – Using computer vision to monetize data for racquet sports.

  • BioVeras – Collection and verification of clinical trial data utilizing blockchain for quicker launch of life-saving treatments.

  • Saint Rocco’s Treats – Fostering transparency in the dog treats and food industry.

  • THRIVV – Science-based company focused on hair growth and post procedure skincare.

  • Xenoil – Mitigating carbon footprint by re-manufacturing plastics for 3D printing.

“In only the second year of the Bucks Built Startup Fund, we are already seeing the impact these investments are having to the growth of the startup community within Bucks County. We hope that through continued funding and support in this innovative program, Bucks County will become the premier destination for new and cutting edge startups to call their home,” said Stephen Marzullo, Chairman, Board of Directors for the IDA.


Area startups receiving grants up to $5,000 from Penn Community Bank include:

  • AWSM Sauce – Sustainable sauce and condiments.

  • Dr. Brownies – First-of-its-kind ready-to-bake, plant-based brownie batter.

  • Eternally – Health tech company supporting end of life planning with Telehealth.

  • Forge – Contact manager that helps sales professionals increase conversions by building genuine trust with clients.

  • Measure Studio – Helping publishers and content creators deploy a data driven content strategy by providing AI powered social media analytics.

  • Sage SEO – Smart SEO tools for small businesses and startups to write, publish, and measure their content marketing strategies.

  • Vital Start – Treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders using virtual reality.

“Penn Community Bank is proud to partner with Startup Bucks and the Bucks County Industrial Development Authority to help area businesses and innovators succeed. We understand that a thriving local business community means economic success for individuals, families, and the region for years to come,” said Jeane M. Vidoni, Penn Community Bank president and CEO.


Originally screened from over 100 applicants, 10 finalists pitched to a screening panel of investors, entrepreneurs, and community leaders who evaluated the businesses on a number of factors, including the potential to grow quickly and broadly while having a positive economic impact in the County.  

The ten startups from the earlier two Bucks Built cohorts have already made impressive progress with all demonstrating growth, four receiving new investment commitments from Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and two having been accepted to TechStars Accelerators.     

Later this year, the Bucks Built Startup fund will deploy another $125,000 in investment from the Bucks County IDA along with an additional $20,000 in grants sponsored by Penn Community Bank. Early interest applications can be submitted by startups throughout the year.

Keep up to date with local startup news by subscribing to updates from Startup Bucks and connect with the Bucks County startup community every Wednesday at 9am on Zoom during Startup Buck’s weekly entrepreneur forum, Founder’s 30, powered by Penn Community Bank.

Want to learn more? Head to bucksbuilt.com for program details and criteria.

Questions or Inquiries? Email scout@startupbucks.org


Startup Founders and Contacts


Revivv Featured On Hair Loss Network


Revivv hair growth serum has been gaining some attention from quality sites like follicle thought which wrote a piece on the hair growth serum two months ago. The hair growth serum is 100% drug-free, meaning all of the ingredients in the formula are naturally sourced. Now, I know what many of you think ‘all-natural’ is synonymous with ‘doesn’t work.’ If you’re having those thoughts, it is fair. Skepticism in the hair loss industry is a must, especially with all the snake oil on the market. In this article, we will be reviewing the mechanisms of action and the ingredients in Revivv hair growth serum.

The Science Behind Revivv Hair Growth serum

Modern hair loss research indicates that DHT causes male and female pattern hair loss. DHT is a steroidal hormone that is a byproduct of testosterone. The 5-alpha reductase enzyme converts testosterone into DHT via the bloodstream. The most effective hair loss treatments are potent 5-alpha reductase inhibitors like Avodart (dutasteride) and Propecia (finasteride). While DHT is the primary catalyst for genetic hair loss in men and women, it is not the only mechanism contributing to hair loss.

Four mechanisms contribute to hair loss:

  • DHT
  • Scalp Inflammation
  • Blood and Oxygen Supply
  • Shortened Anagen (Growth) Cycle

Some may argue that DHT is the cause of scalp inflammation and that DHT shrinks the hair follicle, causing the ‘anagen’ growth cycle to shorten. However, I believe the four mechanisms are correlated but not directly caused by DHT. Revivv claims that the sugars that typically convert into glycogen in the scalp convert into fat, which triggers scalp inflammation referred to as ‘micro-inflammation.’ Revivv is a multi-modal hair growth serum created to treat the various modalities related to genetic hair loss through various natural ingredients.

Revivv Featured on Follicle Thought


A new drug free product has launched for men and women who are seeking solutions for hair loss.

Revivv Hair Serum For Men And Women

It was a little over a year ago when I received an email from Sanjay Batra PhD. This was the type of email I particularly enjoy receiving – an industry professional introducing themselves and sharing about projects which may be relevant to the Follicle Thought news feed. Initially, however, our discussion was not centered on any hair growth products. Dr. Batra was interested in sharing his work on a hair diagnostic tool developed by the Capily Institute which helps physicians track the regrowth progress of hair loss patients. Our conversation continued over the next several months and eventually I got word of a topical OTC hair growth product which was in development. This certainly caught my interest and at the time I did not have any particular expectations for the product. Fast forward to late 2021 – I had seen a few glimpses of data from Revivv and received an email invite to participate in an early product launch. After purchasing a few bottles of Revivv with my own money, I began incorporating it into my treatment regimen which includes the standard hair loss medications.

After about two months of applying Revivv daily as part of my regimen, I was certain that the improvement of my crown area was progressing faster and more robustly than during the months before incorporating Revivv when I was using medications alone. This led to the discussion of sharing Revivv with the audience of Follicle Thought. I let Dr. Batra know that a certain amount of supporting data from people using Revivv alone would be necessary to present a new product to my specialized audience. In short, he and Revivv were able to deliver.

WETHRIVV™ – A Beauty and Wellness Brand Launches REVIVV™ Hair Growth Serum

WETHRIVV™ – A Beauty and Wellness Brand Launches REVIVV™ Hair Growth Serum

DOYLESTOWN, Pa.Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers are now seeking natural solutions for hair-loss issues since 50% of aging men and 30% of women suffer from hair loss. Today, consumers are more aware and interested in using all-natural products that have been tested and proven positive. ‘Proven positive’ is exactly what has been happening at WETHRIVV over the last few years. The founders of WETHRIVV have worked diligently to develop REVIVV.

Sanjay Batra, PhD, FACC and Amy Batra, experts in aesthetics and regenerative medicine, are pleased to launch REVIVV™ – a natural, drug-free solution to hair loss for men and women. Dr. Sanjay Batra said on the product, “After spending over 2 years developing, optimizing, and testing this formula with leading dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport, we are delighted to offer REVIVV to consumers worldwide. Every aspect of the product has been designed to bring maximum results while providing ease of application. In our formula we’ve included a broad spectrum of the best natural ingredients, proven for hair growth, using effective concentrations to create a formula that is specific for both men and women.”

In commenting on the product, Dr. Nicholas J. Sadgrove, expert natural product chemist and pharmacist said, “to get real results on the scalp you must use an array of ingredients that cover the big 8 bottle-necks to complete hair health. I have examined the ingredients and I am certain that REVIVV ingredients cover the playing field nicely.” Dr. Sadgrove wrote a white paper to explain how each ingredient works (available upon request), considering the breakthroughs in hair science of the past 5 years.

WETHRIVVTM – A Beauty and Wellness Brand Launches REVIVVTM Hair Growth Serum for Men & Women

WETHRIVVTM – A Beauty and Wellness Brand Launches REVIVVTM Hair Growth Serum for Men & Women

WETHRIVVTM expands portfolio to include topical hair serum specifically designed for men and women

Doylestown, PA – The aesthetic and wellness space has experienced a massive shift. Research shows that due to increasing awareness, consumers are now looking to use all natural products that show real results. Sanjay Batra, PhD, FACC and Amy Batra, experts in aesthetics and regenerative medicine, are pleased to launch REVIVVTM – a natural, drug-free solution to hair loss for men and women. Dr. Sanjay Batra said on the product, “After spending over 2 years developing, optimizing, and testing this formula with leading dermatologist, Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport, we are delighted to offer REVIVV to consumers worldwide. Every aspect of the product has been designed to bring maximum results while providing ease of application. We’ve included a broad spectrum of the best proven natural ingredients for hair growth in our formula, using effective concentrations and creating a specific formula for men and women.” 
Board-certified Dermatologist and leading expert in hair restoration, Jeffrey Rapaport, MD, FAAD said on REVIVV, “REVIVV is a key new addition to my practice. It gives me an effective option for patients who want a drug-free solution, and it can also be utilized as a stand-alone, or in combination with other treatments. The clinical efficacy has exceeded even my own expectations. My patients love the cosmetic elegance, and the formula is gentle and absorbs quickly. The product can be applied once or twice daily without affecting one’s hairstyle. My patients absolutely love REVIVV”.
The clinically proven hair rejuvenation serum helps enhance and rejuvenate hair follicles, roots, and scalp. It is formulated to help boost hair growth naturally. The simple roller application just takes seconds with no need to swallow any pills and allows for an easy, mess-free application while showing optimal results. The product is rolled onto the scalp once to twice daily wherever you want to boost hair thickness. Tailored to the specific needs of male and female hair growth, REVIVV features two formulas with a proprietary and patent-pending formulation. WETHRIVV is a beauty and wellness company, with the science to back it up. WETHRIVV also features the MASKĀDTM line of post-procedure masks and hydrating serum. The line features two amazing masks for post-procedure care.

THRIVV™ LLC – A Beauty and Wellness Company Launches Maskād™ Professional & At Home Post Procedure Masks

THRIVV™ LLC – A Beauty and Wellness Company Launches Maskād™ Professional & At Home Post Procedure Masks

Doylestown, PA, August 24, 2021 — THRIVV LLC expands its portfolio to introduce Maskād™: dermatologist-developed face masks designed to be used after procedures like micro-needling, laser, Radio Frequency (RF), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), chemical peels, microdermabrasion and facial injections.

Maskād™ Professional and At Home Post Procedure masks are designed to provide patients the best post treatment outcome by immediately cooling and calming the skin while reducing redness and downtime. Unlike messy, wet and moon-shaped sheet masks that just sit on the skin, Maskād™ is designed to conform to your face and help aid in the topical delivery of cosmeceutical ingredients.

Maskād™ Professional is used in-office immediately following aesthetic facial procedures. The patent-pending “dry” hydrogel formulation and Highly Purified Water (HPW) provide immediate cooling and relief to irritated and sensitive skin without the mess.  The contoured dace design allows patients to sit and move while Maskād™ works its magic – freeing up chair time.

The restorative Maskād™ At Home mask is the perfect companion to the Post Procedure mask and can be used daily following a procedure for continued comfort.  Containing HPW and natural ingredients, the two-piece design fits most face shapes and sizes for optimal outcomes.

According to Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki, MD, F.A.C.S. from The Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center in Pasadena, California, “We evaluated the benefits of Maskād™ for post treatment care following Micro-Needling RF and Fraxel®.  Questionnaires and photographs determined immediate benefits of decreased pain, erythema, swelling, and puritus with additional soothing and calming effects. The pliability and breathability allow PRP to be in longer contact with treated skin for maximum non-activated release of growth factors.  We plan to incorporate this technology with other aggressive procedures in my practice.”

Dr. Jeffrey A. Rapaport, MD, PA from Englewood Cliffs, NJ stated “I have been using Maskād™ Professional Post Mask following facial procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of reducing overall downtime, redness, inflammation, pain and swelling.  Our patients love Maskād™ and have shared that within 5 minutes, they feel much more comfortable – the heat and pain go away.  I also use them to deliver Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) following microneedling and other ablative treatments.  It cools and calms the skin while delivering topical ingredients.  I highly recommend Maskād™ as part of a post-treatment protocol.”

WETHRIVV™ also features hemp-based wellness patches like Zone, Comfort, and Nite and a plant-based immunity boosting patch, DEFEND™. The entire line features clinically proven all-natural ingredients designed to provide maximum benefits.

About the Company:

THRIVV LLC, under the WETHRIVV™ brand, is creating a portfolio of professional and consumer products that are poised to elevate customer experience and satisfaction in health and wellness.  With a research laboratory and manufacturing facility at the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center, our products are made with best-in-class science, and are sold directly to consumers and professionals on our website, www.wethrivv.com

Amy and Sanjay Batra, Power Duo Launch THRIVV LLC – A Beauty and Wellness Company

Amy and Sanjay Batra, Power Duo Launch THRIVV LLC – A Beauty and Wellness Company

USA – The beauty and wellness industry is experiencing a massive shift. Due to extensive research and increasing awareness, people now look forward to investing in all-natural products that cater to their specific needs rather than to inferior, commodity products with undesirable ingredients. Dr. Sanjay Batra and Amy Batra, experts in aesthetics and regenerative medicine, are pleased to launch THRIVV LLC, a new beauty and wellness company that addresses the unmet needs in the health,

THRIVV combines the best science and technology to bring forward the most incredible topical patches.  WETHRIVV DEFEND™ helps to naturally boost the immune systems to help people feel their best! The ingredients in DEFEND are 100% natural and recommended by leading physicians.  Vitamin D3, Zinc, Acetate, Vitamin, Quercetin, Ginseng and Thyme are the primary ingredients and are known for their immune supporting properties. Hence, there is no need to worry about any side effects! Additionally, the 24-hour immune boosting patch makes it easy and convenient for people to place it on their skin and carry on with their day without the hassle of swallowing pills.  In addition to DEFEND, the hemp-based topical patches include WETHRIVV ZONE™, an all-natural morning, mid-day, or long-day substitute to boost energy without any crash; WETHRIVV COMFORT™ which provides natural relief from minor aches and pain; and NITE™, which promotes restful sleep after a long tiring day and helps to ensure that its customers wake up fresh and rejuvenated.  

Read more: https://www.getws.info/1142545/amy-and-sanjay-batra-power-duo-launch-thrivv-llc-a-beauty-and-wellness-company.html#ixzz6zTbKX5rx